Preparing Items for Storage…

If you are going to rent a storage space it will be easier if you can pack before you rent your space. That way, it will be easier to assess what size storage space you need.

When you pack think about how you arrange whatever you store in your storage space. Carefully list what is in each box for future reference and ease in locating stored items. Another strategy is to number each box take a digital photograph of the contents before you pack them. If possible, pack in boxes that are uniform in size so it is easier to stack them. Remember, you can purchase boxes and other packing materials at Twin Cities Self Storage.

When you wrap items for storage remember, paper is fine for glassware and ceramics but the acid in paper can speed up rust and corrosion on metal. Bubble wrap, foam padding or cloth may be better suited for items with metal components.

When you are ready to rent a storage space it is often helpful to put the items to be stored together in a location such as your garage to see how much space you need. This will also help when you are ready to move your stored items.

Please feel free to call us for help with scheduling, packing materials, choosing the right size space or any other question regarding the care and safekeeping of your household and business items. We are here to help.

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